Tim Deppe

I started living along the Mendocino Coast since 1986 when I painted a house in Mendocino of a friend I knew from Israel. I lived up Albion Ridge first. Now, I'm nearer Fort Bragg, but still fly the Albion Nation colors. Having just spent five years in the Middle East, it was a joy to wander the forest here for mushrooms.

As I wrote before I went to a Palestinian village in the northern Galilee of Israel to help set up a school library. I ended up staying in the "neighborhood" for five years, living in Lebanon (during Sabro and Shatilla), Jerusalem, and Tiberius. In Jerusalem I was loosely connected to the Palestinian Center for Non-Violence, and took part in some activities such as the Katania tree-planting incident. Israel deported me in 1986 for visa problems after I spent six weeks in three of their jails.