Though our libraries have become word gardens of learning, BOOKSEED also distributes a wide variety of fruit and vegetable seed to poor peasant farmers (both in the highlands of Guatemala and the coastlands of Honduras). We help both family farms and co-operatives. In Honduras for instance we donate seed to a co-op of twenty women, who farm together outside their Garifuna village. They planted black corn from seeds taken from Guatemala as well as ginger from California. This year again we will selectively give out seed--from giant quarter ton pumpkins (grown near Philo, California) to watermelons (from Arkansas). We are trying to enhance the harvest of peasant farmers by introducing new seed. We are anxious to hear about last seasons crop and will bring more seed this year for the next planting.

Flower sellers in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.
Greenhouse Co-op project set up in 2001 in Irupampa, Bolivia at 9,00 ft. elevation and plated with tomatoes, lettuce and other vegatables with Jalq'a Indians.