Lacandon Maya boy at the Naha grade school in Chiapas. Notice the size of his shoes.

Lacondon Mayans from Naha,
Chiapas, Mexico.

Two libraries were started in two
village schools. There are only 400
Lacondon Mayans alive.
Tzotzil Maya comprise the largest indigenous group in
Chiapas, Mexico, numbering 160,000. They live in
central highlands as subsistance farmers. Bookseed
started more than twenty small libraries in Tzotzil 
village schools. They are also the recipiants of
Bookseed's seed program.
Garifuna boyus playing with tires on the beach off Honduras after hurricane Mitch '98.
The Garifinas of Honduras which number 200,000 live along the Carabbean coast in small villages
as subsistance fisherfamilies.
Bookseed has helped start more than a dozen libraries in their village schools. Besides AIDS,
loosing land is perhaps their biggest problem.