The new library (constructed in June '96) is in the Garifuna village of Batalla, located along the remote Mosquito Coast. Batalla (the last Garifuna village), recently became a municipality. Beyond Batalla are Mosquito Indian Villages and both peoples now use the library (many coming by dug out canoe with their children). Illiteracy is high and hopefully at some point each library will also have a literacy program.

Villagers named the library, Biblioteca Wulumugu (which is Garifuna for "Warrior") after the 19th century village hero, who fought with Francisco Morazon against colonialism and for a unified Spanish America.

This library like our first one has solar lighting. All the remote coastal villages are without electricity and solar lighting helps tremendously. This next winter we plan to add more books to both libraries plus construct others. After one village gets a library all the neighboring ones want one. Before too long television may capture them, but now in land of no books we are trying to give a chance to these thankful people.