Bookseed is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to establish children's libraries with Indigenous cultures in remote village grade schools in underdeveloped countries. Our secondary purpose is to distribute new varieties of heirloom vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds to subsistence farmers. The little libraries are provided to promote literacy and education in book less places; while the seed program is meant to enhance their agrarian micro-economy.

Since 1994 some 90 community schools, comprising a dozen Indigenous cultures in Honduras, Guatemala, Chiapas Mexico, and Bolivia have received little libraries, little gardens of words. Hundred of subsistence farmers, often in the same villages, have also been given new seeds.

Each library consists of about 150 kids books, all in Spanish. Amongst these story books are also books on health and environment, a dictionary, and a set of children's encyclopedias. These are gifts from the schools, while the children all receive a pencil and some paper. The seeds on the other hand number about 40 varieties most all unavailable there, such as buttercrunch lettuce, tepiary beans, and golden cherry tomatoes.